Melissa Lindsey was born into a life of diversity. Oregon born and raised she is deeply connected to her Hawaiian ancestry in which she drew inspiration from for having a wide range and often eclectic taste in scholarly pursuits and hobbies. She has degrees in Community Development and Liberal Studies with emphasis on creating equitable and eco-friendly cities, based onĀ  her underlying love, service and dedication for people, life and growth. She also has an energy healing practice and provides sessions, readings and classes to her students derived from ancient lineage and traditions.

Melissa’s passion for Metaphysical study and application has guided her life path overall . She is committed to living her life with purpose, intention, eco-friendly conciousness and most of all, joy. She recognizes joy as the natural state of being, and that it is also easily forgotten. Her intention is to help others remember through her blog “The Alchemy of Joy” which is dedicated to illustrating correlations through inspiration, contemplation, fluidity and practical application of all things related to joy in everyday life .

Melissa’s children are two decades apart. She currently lives with her fiance and their toddler aged daughter. The older one is living a heart-centered life on his own and considering a career in medicine. This age difference provides a wide range of opportunities to apply her understanding and empathy for others. Her goal as a mama is for her children to thrive by having self-love, love for others and this planet. She loves sharing her insights about spirituality, magic and life with them and loved ones.

Melissa loves adventures, travel and physical challenges. Other activities are meditation, ritual, playing with plants, dancing hula, making music and jewelry. These are some examples of the other activities that bring her joy on a regular basis. Her family is very supportive of her work as well as interests.