Esoteric Mama Sessions Activation
Esoteric Mama Sessions Activation
Esoteric Mama Sessions Activation

What is a Light Activation?

Light activation is an ancient handed-down process that promotes spiritual and emotional healing by directing more light and energy into the physical body, creating a reaction and readjustment in the spiritual body that emanates into practical daily living. Recipients of this energy can over time, experience a great change in their well-being and it can also help them recognize, heal and evolve past old and untrue belief patterns.

Light activation can help to facilitate the change we need to better understand our purpose in life, not from the mind but from the path we actually walk this life through. By using this light as a tool, we can open up our spiritual connection and allow more energy to flow into our lives. This can help us move beyond our limitations and make choices that result in real changes. When we’re aligned with our higher purpose, we can live more authentically and create truly fulfilling lives.

When we are in tune with ourselves and our surroundings, we’re able to connect on a deeper level and activate our power to create positive change. This type of clarity is possible with an intense focus of intention; however, its benefits extend beyond these depths. Other benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • Obtaining a truer sense of self-awareness by promoting clarity without mental blocks,
  • Aligning with higher guidance.
  • A greater intrinsic and intuitive understanding of the flow of life and your place in it.
  • Embracing innate spiritual gifts.
  • Balancing of energy in the body
  • Ability to release unwanted thoughts and feelings
  • Provide ancestral and progenic healing for the 7 generations before and after you.

What can one expect during a Light Activation?

  • Consultation prior to appointment.
  • Energetic clearing and balancing of all energy types including:
    • Central Core
    • Magnetic shift in what you attract and repel
    • Chakra
    • Aura
    • Etheric
    • Elemental
  • Activation of 12 spiritual codons.
  • All activations come with Progression Support.
  • Discussions and questions facilitate post activation.

If you’re interested in exploring light activation, you can contact me at (971) 346-6835 or email Please keep in mind that the goal is to connect with your inner light and allow it to guide you on your journey. It is helpful to meditate with intention as much as possible and/or use other types of self-empowerment tools such as visualization techniques, journaling, positive affirmations, etc. before and after the activation.

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