A ritual is defined as a “ceremony consisting of actions performed in a prescribed order.” Whether religious or not, all rituals have a way of connecting us to our true selves. They can be used to honor people, celebrate certain holidays, commemorate growth or signify changes that have occurred.

Welcome to Esoteric Mama, where I present my life as a ritual! I share my spiritual journey and studies, my parenting experiences and creative endeavors, tI share from my heart always seeking the deeper meaning to my experiences and trying my best to find humor and joy when necessary. This blog is a project of mine that is near and dear to the heart. Before we get any further, let me introduce myself. My name is Melissa and I am glad that you’re here.


Though born and raised in Salem, I currently reside in Portland with my partner Tyler, our 1 year old daughter Juniper and our cat Shiva. My oldest, Isaiah, is now 22 and living on his own. That’s right. It’s wild to think I’m the mother of a toddler and a grown up. But here I am, navigating the trials and tribulations of being a mom all over again in my 40s. Send love … send lots of love!


I have long been an avid seeker of spiritual truths and a believer in the power of rituals. My spiritual inquisition to learn more about dieties and divine awakenings began back in 1998 when I gave in to my curiosity and purchased a book from the occult section of a local bookstore. I continue to read and will feature reviews for books and articles that are of the esoteric or spiritual nature.

Throughout the years I have learned how to put these studies into action by molding my life in service to the betterment of mankind. My current passion is honoring my ancestors by studying about my heritage. I am part Hawaiian. I was the first of my immediate family to be born and raised on the mainland. I recently found out that there is royalty in my lineage along with seers and medicine people. I feel I owe it to my ancestors, myself and all future generations to learn and embrace the history of Hawaiian people. Right now I am learning to dance hula. To know hula you must know the culture, so I thought this would be a good place to start! Stay tuned for all of my posts along this leg of my journey!

Check back often to peep what creative juices I’m flowing. Sometimes in my busy life I get to indulge in passions  such as music and crafting. You might even see me sometimes take on DIY projects for my altars and document them for my readers. Follow my lead to begin living with purpose and in your own truth. I hope to inspire others to uncover and reveal their divine selves by venturing into the world of the mystic.