A Little Bit Of Runes By Cassandra Eason


From one of the world’s most renowned authors on spirituality comes an accessible introduction to runes. Nordic runes are the most popular and easiest symbols to work with, and can effectively release energy for a positive purpose in one’s life. Cassandra Eason, a well-known writer on crystals, Wicca, spells, and magic, explains to spiritual seekers exactly what runes are, how to make their own, which ones are right for them, and much more.

This book is perfect for anyone who is looking to tap into the power of runes for guidance, protection, and manifestation. Cassandra Eason covers everything you need to know about these mystical symbols, from their history and meaning to how to create your own set of runes. Whether you are new to working with runes or a seasoned practitioner, this book will provide you with all the information you need to get started using these powerful tools for positive change in your life.