Archangel Michael Pendant


Michael is the Chief of the Archangels, and the Angel of righteousness and mercy. He grants protection and miracles. He strengthens our spirits in difficult times. Michael assists light workers with their life purpose. He gives direction, courage, and motivation. Michael has a fiery spirit and you will be able to feel the heat from his strong energy. He is often depicted as winged and with unsheathed sword.

His colors are blue, gold and royal purple, and some recommended gemstones are Lapis, Amethyst, Sugilite, Blue Sapphire.

Angel Number: 888.

Hand made pendant is 2 – 1/2″ long. It consists of a 1″ in diameter Amethyst disk set in a Flower of Life setting. There is a small Clear Quartz point on top surrounded by 2 angel wings.

The pendant is silver plated and comes with a strong 18″ stainless steel chain.

The Flower of Life in an ancient symbol created by 19 equally proportioned overlapping circles. The pattern where the circles overlap resemble flowers, and that is where the name comes from. The Flower of Life symbolizes the interconnectedness of life. The pattern represents that all life stems from one source just as the circles stem from the one center circle. This symbol is very healing too, as it helps remove energy blockages and bring strength and order to your life.

Amethyst brings energies of stability, peace, calm, balance, courage and inner strength. It helps open communication with angels and enhances telepathy. It is an excellent stone for meditation and dream work since it clears the chakras and opens a channel for the flow of spiritual energy.

Please note that these pendants are one of a kind, and color and shape might vary a little in person.

The pendant comes with the description of Archangel Michael and the properties of the stones.