Circle of Protection Candle


Scented with Rosemary and Neroli. Little Evil Eye Bead included. Glass jars are 2 1/2″ tall by 2″ wide and reusable. Each candle is made to order.

Candle blessings are an effective and popular method of bringing your desires into manifestation and protecting a space. You can use your intention to infuse the candle with your energy and set the direction with your desired outcome. The presence of the burning flame is purifying and releasing. Use the Circle of Protection candle to protect your sacred space and/or home.

Suggested use: Hold the candle to your heart and send the intention of protection. Take some deep breaths through the nose and out the mouth. Hold it there for as long as it feels right filling the candle with your energy. Now set the candle in a safe place and light it. Continue to breathe. As you breathe in, visualize golden light showering down the space you wish to cleanse and protect. This light is purifying. As you exhale, release all that doesn't serve. Repeat 3 times or as many as necessary to feel cleansed and purified. **Never leave a candle burning unattended. When you extinguish the candle, give thanks to the flame. Re-light it with the same intention.

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