Energy Cleanse Ritual Kit


Cleanse and bless the area around you and reinforce it with the powerful energy of shungite stone. This kit comes with a shell to hold and snuff the embers. Kits are one of a kind.

A nice compact kit to cleanse the energy around you.

In this kit:

One 4" stick of White Sage-Removes negative energy and relieves stress.

One 4" stick of Blue Sage-Purification and manifestation.

One 4" Palo Santo stick-Uplifts Mood and raises energy vibration for healing work.

One 1 - 1/2" Shungite Stone ( with small variations)-Emf protection, water purification and grounding.

One 4" Abalone Shell ( one of a kind)

Everything is neatly packed in a 6" x 4" x 3" box with printed properties.

They are one of a kind.

Suggested use: Light the end of a stick and allow the healing smoke to spread over an area or person. Use a feather or fan to spread the smoke or just wave the smoldering wand itself. Use the shell to hold the wand while burning and also to extinguish it when finished. Some cultures recommend allowing the bundle to completely burn. ***Never leave burning embers unattended. You can also put it out by applying pressure with the lit end to the bottom of the shell.

Place shungite on an altar, a shelf, or a pocket.