Goddess Isis Travel Chalice


Beautiful travel chalice adorned with the Goddess Isis. Made of stainless steel and can hold both hot and cold liquids for hours. Hand wash suggested. Carry all liquids carefree of spillage!

In ancient Egypt, Isis was the goddess of life and fertility. She was also the protector of children and innocence, the embodiment of wisdom, healing, and medicine. Today you can honor Isis through your commitment to healthy living by putting your favorite beverage into this stylish tumbler. This classic wine tumbler is made of stainless steel and built from the highest quality materials. It’s beautifully crafted and can keep your wine cold or hot for hours on end. The sleek design makes it a top-notch tumbler as you drink like a goddess. With a clear, insulated lid, this tumbler will keep your favorite wine just as divine for hours at a time. With its beautiful art that depicts the Goddess Isis, this reusable cup makes a great gift for any goddess who loves drinking wine, hot chocolate, or tea all day long. Hand wash only.

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