Mayan Four Elements Stones


This is a beautiful set of stones etched in gold with the mayan symbols of the four elements; fire, air, water and earth. These work beautifully on an altar. Perfect for travel.

Fire represents transformation, purification, and passion. It can also provide courage, compassion, and devotion. Fire is unyielding and not at all delicate. It is thought to be the force that burns within us, giving us the determination to achieve our goals. Red Jasper is the stone

Air relates to intelligence, intuition, future ambitions and dreams. Everything implied that cannot be seen with our eyes such as souls, spirits, thoughts, and hearts is related to air. The element of Air can also clear confusion and reveal truth, focus of intent, and unobstructed vision. Clear Quartz is the stone.

Water is related to emotions, healing and flexibility. It helps to shape our destiny. Emotions, art, time, and, especially, healing and philosophy are all linked to water. It is the artist’s inspiration and has the depth of a philosopher’s soul. Sodalite is the mineral.

Earth is all about physicality and keeping things in balance in the world. It is the custodian of all things earthly. The fruits of working with the earth element are stability, grounding, and endurance. Earth is a dependable, quiet, and tranquil element. It’s a component preoccupied with day-to-day issues. Green Aventurine is the stone.
One-of-a-kind stones vary in size from 1 to 1/2″. They are packaged in a pouch.