Nag Champa 100g


Nag champa stick incense is made popular by its healing and earthly aroma. Associated with peace and meditative clarity. Each box is 100 grams.

Nag champa is a worldwide known incense cultivated from the sacred Champaca plant, a magnolia flower that can be found in tropical areas of Asia. Other plants included are Sandalwood, and Halmaddi-just to name a few.
It is a belief that Nag Champa's earthly and floral aroma enhances meditation and creates a sacred atmosphere.
This stick incense can enhance meditative and aromatherapy benefits, making your surroundings feel like a temple.

Proper use of incense sticks:
1.) Use an appropriate-sized incense burner that will hold the stick and collect ash as it falls. Trim if needed.
2.) Light the resin end of the stick until a flame is established. Allow it to burn long enough to form an ember.
3.) Gently extinguish by blowing or fanning out the flame.

Suggested use: Light during times of meditation, prayer, general reflection or to help cleanse and clear the air and make a sacred space.