Sage Blessing Variety Box


Its great to have options! This box contains 7 different 4″ sticks of cleansing herbs.

These include Dragon’s Blood Sage, Palo Santo, Blue Sage, Floral Sage, White Sage, Cedar, and Yerba Santa.

It comes with a little printed card with the names.

This box works great as a gift or an option to try different types of blessing herbs. The sticks are around 4" and come in a box 9" x 5" x 2".

All of these herbs have cleansing and blessing attributes. Here is a list of all included along with other characteristics and uses:

Dragon's Blood Sage: Used to enhance ritual work and mental clarity
Palo Santo (2 sticks): Uplifts Mood and raises energy vibration for healing work.
Blue Sage: Purification and manifestation.
Floral Sage: Good for the heart chakra and mood lifting.
White Sage: Removes negative energy and relieves stress.
Cedar: Connect with the higher self, and promotes peace.
Yerba Santa: Honor ancestors and enhance psychic abilities.

It comes with a little printed card with the names.

Suggested use: Light the end of a stick and allow the healing smoke to spread over an area or person. Use a feather or fan to spread the smoke or just wave the smoldering wand itself. Always use a fireproof bowl shaped to hold the wand while burning and also to extinguish it when finished. Some cultures recommend allowing the bundle to completely burn. ***Never leave burning embers unattended. Keep sand at the bottom of your fireproof bowl and snuff out embers. You can also put it out by applying pressure with the lit end to the bottom of the bowl.