Psychic Intuition Strengths and Abilities

Psychic Intuition Strengths and Abilities

There are many ways to explore our psychic abilities, but it’s important not just for the sake of knowing ourselves better. By understanding and embracing who we really are as individuals with unique traits that make us stand out from other people in some way or another- be they physical features such as height etc., mental prowess like giftedness at math; even something more subjective like empathy/touching others’ lives through helping organizations improve their products & services offerings – then you can start making use all those special gifts given by divine intervention! These strengths exist in all people, and thus, what a person can or cannot do is not an indication of true abilities. The key rests in acknowledging your intuition and genuinely listening. The more you “listen,” the more insight you will gain. The practice of this is essential 

unclear at first, but they can become as clear as day as you progress. Some may find these signs during meditation. Others may experience it as a gut feeling or sensation in the body. The unconscious mind can use any of your senses to communicate; here are some examples:
  • Vision-or clairvoyance – the ability to “see,” which involves isolated images or symbols, or it can be more detailed images of telepathy or remote viewing.
  • Hearing, also known as clairaudience, involves hearing words or sounds in one ear and not the other.
  • Clairsentience is related to a feeling or touch related to feeling intuition as physical body sensations. Also, an overall “knowing.”
  • Smell can also give psychic information. Aromatherapy can be most helpful, as certain scents can trigger emotions that link to the aroma.
  • Taste also deserves mention here as it has been known for some psychics to receive a reaction in their tastebuds when interpreting psychic information.
There are many ways you can practice using your intuition. Some are listed below:
  • Clairvoyance,
    • You need clear psychic vision. You can strengthen this by using visualization exercises. Start with using a simple object. Place it in front of you so that you can see it. Next, close your eyes and visualize it in your mind. Try to get as detailed as possible. Then open your eyes to see how accurate your visualization was. Repeat these steps with this object and try new ones.
    • Find a picture of a ball and a box. You can also keep it more simple by using a circle and square. Close your eyes and see those objects next to each other. Open your eyes and look at them again. Now when you close them, imagine the circle inside the box. Keep practicing this until it feels natural.
  • Clairaudience:
    • One fun way to practice this sense is to sit quietly, close your eyes and think of your favorite song. Remember all verses and sing from beginning to end, just as though there is a radio in your mind; by sitting quietly, you are turning up the volume. Continue this exercise with many songs.
    • Sit quietly, as if to go into meditation and leave the window open. Notice all of the sounds from the outside and try to focus on one. Hear that sound in detail.
    • Ask yourself simple questions and before you think of an answer in your mind, let your mind go blank and see if the answer comes to you.
  • Clairsentient
    • A prominent factor in strengthening this sense is to get a feeling of your energy. Rub your hands together quickly for about 10 seconds and pull them apart. Feel the sensations on your hands.
    • Surrounding factors also play a significant role here.

Divination Tools

As you grow more accustomed to understanding your unique psychic sensibilities, you may feel driven to put them into action. Divination tools make an excellent avenue for this. Pick up an oracle or tarot deck and start working with them. Decks typically come with a book that shows you how to use them and the meaning of each card. There are also books you can buy and information online for further education.

Another tool you can use is a pendulum which entails an object suspended by a chain or string and can answer “yes” or “no” questions. One would hold the string so that the object suspends in mid-air. The holder will ask questions and swing in specific directions to indicate a “yes” or “no” answer.

Recognize The Signs

t is essential to take notice of your initial reaction to all situations and questions. What happened when you chose to go with the initial response? What happened when you didn’t? If you have ignored your intuition and see if you later regret not acting upon it, be aware of how that information came to you so that next time it happens, you do not ignore it.

Learn to listen to feedback from your body on the psychic hits you get. One of the best psychic development techniques is learning to tell when you get the right or wrong information. Meditation is an essential tool here as it disengages the normal decision-making part of the brain, allowing answers to flow to you without judgment.

The above information strengthens your psychic senses for your personal use. When you have reached a comfortable level of understanding, you may feel inspired to utilize your skills by helping other people as a service. Service work is vital in this world and takes great responsibility because we do not want to project information based on our own judgment. Before working with others, we must work on understanding and healing ourselves to ensure that what we have the clairity to intuit for other people. We will cover this subject in another blog.

As we’ve seen, everyone has psychic abilities and the main three types of psychic senses are clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. You can work with these senses to develop your intuition and increase your awareness of the world around you. There are many ways to strengthen these senses, including meditation, journaling, and using specific tools like crystals or Tarot cards. If you feel called to work with others in a healing capacity, it’s important to first know yourself and your ego. The next blog post in this series will explore this topic in more depth. In the meantime, experiment with some of the techniques we’ve shared here to see what works best for you.