Mermaid Crystal Ball Holder


Bring in the Beautiful white resin Mermaid

Small to medium crystal balls will fit inside. Some instances can be seen in the images. The mermaid does not come with any crystal balls.

It could also be used to hold tiny trinkets like jewelry or crystals indoors or out.

the statue measures around 6″ tall by 4″ broad.

Mermaids are elemental beings directly related to water and therefore embody all healing elements related to it. They are associated with rebirth and renewal, as water is related to the womb. We can learn how to remain both focused and joyful in life, as many stories depict mermaids as wildly independent and playful. There are mermaids and mermen, but mostly depicted as feminine and therefore related to the divine feminine. Other attributes include wisdom, insight, and good luck.

Suggested use: This beautiful crystal ball holder looks good on any altar, shelf, or counter. However, it is also fun to build an altar specifically to honor mermaids. Use colors of the sea such as light blue and blue-green for the altar cloth. Here are some suggestions for elemental representation:
Earth: Shells, sandstone, pearls, and driftwood. This mermaid crystal holder works perfectly here.
Air: Use a shell as an incense ash catcher.
Water: A bowl
Fire: Use a blue or blue/green candle.